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FNAF- Golden's Here by PokeGirl4104 FNAF- Golden's Here :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 2 2 FNAF Freddy Human RPG Maker VX sprite by PokeGirl4104 FNAF Freddy Human RPG Maker VX sprite :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 0 55 Happy Birthday, Niv! by PokeGirl4104 Happy Birthday, Niv! :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 3 45
Maxwell's Pizzeria: New Times part 1
Freddy Fazbear has an Australian branch. Of course, being Australia, they wanted all new animatronics. And they got them. Maxwell the Cat, Katie the Wolf, Olivier the Owl(who was later decommissioned as she scared the children) and Ben the Bat. Four animatronics, two floors. Why do I know this? Because my friend, Max, and I are now working the night shift there. Maxwell’s Pizzeria. The company said one of each of us on each floor. Max on the ground floor, myself on the top, and stay from 12 to 6. Come at 11, get ready. Prerecorded messages will play, starting at 12. Follow the rules, DO NOT leave until 6. The two of us will have to use tablets to check the cameras, and talk to each other through our headsets.
Night 1
I sat in the room, and began to complain at Max, swirling around in the chair.
  “Max, why did I take this job with you? I hate animatronics.”
I heard him sigh. I jumped at the sound of the phone ringing. After a few secon
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Mature content
The Creature Within Me part 1 :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 1 85
Darkiplier: Broken Mind of a Matryoshka part 2
Mark told me his plan, and I listened, we didn’t have long until Dark recovered. I nodded. We set two plans, both relating to different things. I looked at the time.
  “Mark, you better record a video.”
He nodded. We had discussed that if Dark tried to take over during a video, I would cover if necessary. Because Mark just had to choose today to play Gmod with Bob, Wade and Jacksepticeye. I sat outside and listened to Mark set everything up, and began to play. They were playing Prop Hunt. My heartbeat quickened as Mark let out a cry. I peeked round into the room. He was still playing as normal. I assumed he had been found. This was confirmed as Mark began to yell,
  “Run! Run! Run, run, run!”
I let out a small sigh of relief. This was stressful. I hated stress. I took a glimpse at Marks screen. He was a baby doll. I didn’t recognise the map. I relaxed slightly, watching Mark and his friends play. Then Mark let out a yelp of pain, and
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Darkiplier: Broken Mind of a Matryoshka part 1
I dreamt I was in a forest, running. Something was chasing me. The forest looked awfully like the ones in the Slender games, but I knew that’s not what was chasing me. Slenderman didn’t scare me. Even though I have a lot of fears, only one thing I fear reaches deep into my mind, pulling at my sanity, the only remain shreds. The one thing that can’t be beaten. It was gaining on me. I knew this was the end.
No! Something cried in my mind, you can’t give up now! Keep running!
I tried, but my stamina is horrible. I couldn’t run much further. Still, the voice in my head kept pushing me. I knew if that thing caught me, I was dead. Then it changes. Either the creature catches me, grabs me, and I wake up, or I do something, I don’t know what, but it floods my body with pain, so much pain, that I wake up. This dream was the first recurring one I’ve ever had, and it scared me. Most of my nightmares, if the
:iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 4 56
Darkiplier: Broken Mind of a Matryoshka Cover Page by PokeGirl4104 Darkiplier: Broken Mind of a Matryoshka Cover Page :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 9 0
Pokemon: The Flames That Consumed Her part 17
I sat silently in the chair, fuming, as the Raichu continued on.
  “Evie has made no moves, so I’m inclined to lift lockdown.”
  “But then she’ll attack! Don’t you see, she’s waiting!” I argued. Raichu shook his head, refusing to listen.
  “My word is final.” He said firmly. “Listen, you came here, don’t tell me what to do.”
I rushed from the room, considering lighting it on fire. Victor followed me, the Dragonite hovering slightly.
  “Well?” he asked.
  “Lockdown’s being lifted!” I seethed. Victor sighed.
  “Then I guess it’s time…” he said. He led me away.
I watched the Dragonite lead the strange girl away. What had she meant with “I wrote you, all of you”? Could it be true? But that wasn’t possible, was it? Reina approached me.
:iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 1 18
Darkiplier: Let Tears Flow part 6
 “Elemental!” I called, “I need to use your computer!”
I had been staying with Elemental for a while, but I still couldn’t contact my family. I couldn’t remember the phone number, and no matter how many messages I left them on Facebook, they never went on. There was nothing I could do. Elemental popped his head around the corner, and handed me the laptop. He had already logged in for me. I quickly pulled up YouTube. I logged into my account. Mark’s feed came up.
  “Elemental!” I cried, “He uploaded a video!”
Elemental didn’t have to ask whom I was talking about. He came and sat next to me as I loaded up the video. The video was titled, “Confession”
Mark sat in his recording area, facing directly in the camera. He began to talk.
  “So, as all of you should know, incidents of stabbings have been going on around the world. And as some know, Darkiplier was responsible. Yes, that creatur
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Mature content
Darkiplier: Let Tears Flow part 5 :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 4 46
Darkiplier: Let Tears Flow part 4
I paced within my room. The place was tiny, and a mess, so I was basically just walking in a circle, stepping over things as I spun. After becoming to dizzy to walk, I collapsed onto my bed, sighing. That had not eased my anxiety at all. The problem was still running loose, and still no word back from George. I still hadn’t seen him online either. I feared he back been found. But something was even worse than that. I knew quite well that one or even both of them could be dead.
He finally told me what he’d been doing. He’d been wounding my fans, then leaving them to bleed. Some were found, and live, some… Don’t. He was up to number 32 on his list, rapidly approaching the end. He would have attacked over fifty people. How many had died? Hope was lost; there was nothing I could do. I was losing my mind, my body was already lost… And he was still killing. I was
:iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 4 10
Mature content
Darkiplier: Let Tear Flow part 3 :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 7 4
Mature content
Darkiplier: Let Tears Flow part 2 :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 8 52
Darkiplier: Let Tears Flow part 1
I stared at the screen in disbelief. I knew I had to do it, accept it. I needed a video. But part of me knew I shouldn’t. He had been more active recently. I could feel him, digging in his deep, dark pit, itching to get out, to wreak havoc. To destroy everything I held dear. But I had to be strong, just like any other day. Why was today different? Something was… wrong… Was he plotting? He was always plotting, waiting, just waiting for a chance. I accepted the request and joined the game the dark feeling still lingering.
  “Mark!” Minx called via Skype, “About time you showed up, let’s start this already!”
I knew this was coming; I had helped organize it. When Minx contacted me to play Murder with her, Yami and Wade, I’d been so happy. Murder has always been fun, and I needed content for the channel, but then, a few days later… He began this… This constantly torture. He… He whispered things…
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Carla character sheet by PokeGirl4104 Carla character sheet :iconpokegirl4104:PokeGirl4104 1 26



In light of recent events, I going to leave dA for a while, and instead, I'm going to go work on mine and :iconmacamour:'s FNAF AU, on Tumblr. I don't know any popular people there, unlike here, so I should be fine, alone. It's not like any one here will miss me, you all have more watches than me, so my disappearance won't matter. I barely have any, so they won't care. Enjoy you time here, if you wnat me, talk to me on Facebook, or on my Tumblr. Sayonara.


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Welcome to the land of weird. Weird pictures, weird stories. If you want weird you've come to the right place!

Awesome people I know that you should check out:
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:iconmacamour:- Awesome, funny, likes games, just go talk to him or something.

Youtube channel I might do something with:…


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